05 April 2007

Doves and Dreams again

I had to nip into to town for a few things so went to the 'Doves and Dreams' exhibition at the Walker Art gallery again. I chose the right day to go as well as I was able to see :

Doves and Dreams storytelling

Our role-player reveals more about the life of artist Frances MacNair and the Glasgow Four in this creative role play.

Suitable for 7yrs+ 1, 2 and 3pm,

It only lasted about 15 minutes but was very entertaining. The actress pretends to be 'Frances MacNair' and relates her life story. She wears a painting smock as if she has just been transported from her studio. She got a laugh when she said the Glasgow 4 where also referred to as the Fab 4. Today was the last time this role-play would be on so I was glad I caught it.

I learnt a lot about Frances MacNair from this exhibition, that as well as painting she also designed jewellery. This picture is a design for a pendant but there are no known examples of her work in existence. I wonder what they would be worth if any where ever found.

If you are interested in the work of the Glasgow 4 I recommend you go to the exhibition if you can but it closes on 22nd April so you've not got long. If you can't go to the Walker webpage and there are lots of pictures of the work on display.

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