21 April 2007

Colouring Paper

I spent this afternoon being messy. For the next part of C & G I had to colour paper with a colour scheme taken from the research pictures I'd done previously. The papers had to be coloured with complementary colours so I chose purple/yellow. It was like being a child again using sponges to colour the different papers with coloured inks. The 1st few pages where a bit too blue so I mixed a bit of violet in with the blue and it is more the colour I want. I've done a lot more papers than I really need, I got a bit carried away but they'll come in useful at some point.

The first 2 are in blue/purple and the third is yellow on cartridge paper and the paper I kept that was used as packing in parcels from Great Art.

and the next are in the blue/purple and yellow on cartridge paper and the packing paper,

this paper is a combination of blue and purple/blue

and these last few are on tissue paper

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kay susan said...

Ah! I remember the messy papers, and how I couldn't understand "WHY?"