05 April 2007

City and Guilds Notebook/Diary

The Induction Module recommends that I keep a notebook/general diary to record exhibitions, hours spent on a design, recipes for dyes etc in other words all the notes that aren't specific to each chapter. I bought a cheap notebook for 99p but that's exactly what it looks like, colourful but CHEAP!

So I decided to cover it with some of the leather look paper I've made before. I knew all that paper (I think it's called sugar paper) would come in useful that I'd kept from deliveries from Great Art, they put a load of it in to protect your order. I was going to put it out for the recycling van but I straightened it out and put it away.

I got the idea from an article in Stitch by Jane Wild. You start by crumpling a piece of paper up, opening it out then crumpling it again, you keep doing this until it is soft and creased.

Next I gave it a coat of 'Burnt Umber' acrylic paint.

Then I lightly painted 'Copper' acrylic paint over the top to give it an aged look.

Then all I had to do was cover the notebook with it. I decided to take the notebook apart to cover the front and back properly. I think it took me longer to take it apart and put it together than it did to make the paper but it was worth it.


Papoosue said...

Thats a great technique Susan, must try that out - it looks really effective. Good Luck with the course, it's so exciting to be starting something new!


Purple Missus said...

Taking the time to cover the notebook was well worth it, makes all the difference. Love that old leather look.

katelnorth said...

That looks fantastic - great technique.

I'm not sure it's sugar paper, though - I think that's a coloured paper a bit thicker, they use a lot of it in schools for kids' art projects and it wouldn't crinkle so well - from the photo it looks more like newsprint. But hey, I could be wrong!

Judy Rys said...

Just beautiful. Love the color and texture.

giuseppe said...

very lovely..
i find even the white on its own in your photo has its own appeal