15 April 2007

96 Remembered

This will be a rather sad post as I want to take a few minutes to remember the 96 Liverpool Fans who lost their lives at Hillsborough 18 years ago today. Is it really 18 years it only seems like yesterday. My brother is a red hot Liverpool fan and has been since he was about 7 or 8 so he was there that fateful day. I still can't think of it without tears in my eyes. I hadn't been listening to the match on Radio Merseyside I get too nervous if it is a big game so I was spared a few hours of the tragedy. I only found out what was happening when I put the TV on to get the pools results and of course BBC TV was full of it. At first I didn't realise where it was until I saw a Liverpool scarf lying on the pitch and then I went cold. Mum and I where worried sick not knowing if Ste was alright and we had to wait until 8pm that night until he managed to leave a message with a neighbour that he was OK and on his way back to Liverpool.

If you want to read a first hand account of that day go to Liverpool FC it is very moving so have a few hankies ready.

Everton FC are at home today and have just had a minutes silence in memory of the 96 fans and of the young Everton fan 'Kingsman Adam Smith' killed in Iraq recently. It was impecably kept you could have heard a pin drop.

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Papoosue said...

It was a terrible tragedy Susan. Let's hope nothing like this ever happens again. x