07 March 2007

T.A.S.T Cross Stitch

I must admit I wasn't looking forward to this stitch, reminded me too much of school days and hours upon hours doing cross stitch on tray cloths that would never be used. But once I looked up variations I got into it more, especially when I looked at Doreen's blog where she had done 'Chicken scratch'. I knew I'd seen it somewhere before so looked through my collection of Stitch and found it in Issue 34 April/May 2005, so once I'd done my usual cream sample I had a go. The gingham I used had small squares so I didn't do a very large sample as it was making my eyes sore.


Purple Missus said...

I know just what you mean about school days & tray cloths :)
Love the freeform sample.

Doreen G said...

Your chicken scratch looks great and I was looking at that Stitch magazine yesterday at the guild --I had forgotten about the instructions being in there --they are better than the ones I posted.