15 March 2007

T.A.S.T Alternating Barred Chain Stitch

Here are my sample of Alternating Barred Chain Stitch.

The first sample is my usual cream thread try at it.

The next sample is done on a piece of hessian that I put in bleach overnight and it came out a lovelly shade of cream. The sample above appears very spiky so I remembered I had some raffia that I bought a few years ago to make a hat, so tried stitching with that. It's a bit hard on the fingers so I didn't do much with it.

and my last sample is based on some work out of my sketchbook taken from 'Van Gogh's' picture 'The Starry Nights'. I used some of the fabric I spilt silk paints on and a varied coloured thread.


Purple Missus said...

Wonderful samples Susan. I never got around to working this stitch. I especially like your Van Gogh interpretation.

Margaret S said...

Great movement on this one susan.