20 March 2007

OCA Tutors report

I got my last assignment back from my tutor at lunctime. with her last report - she wrote:-

I can see that you have learned a great deal during this course - you are starting to experiment more and be less reliant on the known, and instead starting to venture into unknown territory in order to create something new. It would be great to see this continue. I understand that you might wish to embark on a C & G course in Embroidery before starting Textiles 2. I would be happy to be your tutor again when you decide the time is right for this. Well done on completing Textiles 1.
I never said but my tutor is Sarah Braddock Clarke who is a published author of Techno Textiles: Revolutionary Fabrics for Fashion and Design No. 2.


Purple Missus said...

Well done Susan. The fact that she would like to be your tutor again is a huge compliment. I know you'll do very well on the C&G course too.

Sarah E. said...

Congratulations! And what a lovely compliment!