03 March 2007

OCA Textile work

I thought I would post some of the work I've done over the past 18 months of my course work for the Open College of the Arts Textiles 1. You can go to this page on their website for a list of samples of their courses if you would like to see what was involved in the Textile course. I apologise now if this post get rather long.

It starts with exercises on mark making in black and white

which we then have to develop into stitch samples. These are some of my hand embroidered samples using line stitches, such as running, stem, back and chain stitch.

and these are my machine embroidered samples. They where done on my old sewing machine but turned out better than I had hoped.

Exercise in colour using wax resist with watercolour over.

Tissue paper coloured with inks and watercolours then bleached.

Inks and watercolours splashed on paper.

Next we had to do use stitches that created texture such as chain, cretan and couching.

Next we went on to colour exercises - recording colours accurately, colour wheel etc.

This was recording the colours from a postcard, I chose this brightly coloured one of parrots.

The next one I had to put 2/3 brightly coloured objects in front of me and just try to get the colours I saw down on paper not paint an identifiable object. I chose a red, yellow and orange pepper for my study.

The next exercise was 'Colour moods and themes', I had to choose opposite words such as cold-hot, smooth-rough etc and express them in colours.

I then had to do the black and white stitch exercise in colour on black background.

All the hand stitching took me ages to do, I'm inclined to be very slow at it but it was worth it in the end.

The next 2 samples where done with 'french knots', instead of painting with dots as in 'Pointillism' I had to do it with the knots.

This 1st sample was done with stranded cotton

but this one was done with a variety of threads and ribbon

This exercise is part of the 'Looking for shapes and drawing' exercise.

and these from 'Developing new ideas' exercise

I wasn't as keen on the 'Painting and printing exercises' it is something I'll have to practice.

I made some Poinsettia leaf shapes out of funky foam to use for this sample.

This is based on a drawing from my sketchbook. I made a stamp out of funky foam stuck to a piece of polystyrene to use as a block print.

The next few photos are from the chapter on 'Manipulating fabrics'. I enjoyed this a lot more than the Painting and Printing chapter I suppose because I was working more closely with the fabrics.

This is a piece of hessian I cut slits into and as I zig zag machined around the holes got larger as a went.

This is another piece of hessian that I pulled threads from all angles until it gathered up. I wanted to stiffen it but I couldn't buy any powdered starch - is it still made any more. Anyway I'd been watching a programmed on BBC 2, can't just think what it was now but it was showing how the costume department at a theatre stiffened the fancy collars worn by the actors in Shaksepears plays, they boiled rice in water until it went thick and gloopy. So I thought I may as well try it and it worked.

This is from the book 'The Art of Manipulating Fabric'. I drew circles on to a large piece of calico, machine stitched round the circle and pulled the stitching up until I got this, about half the size I started with.

This is a piece of pin tucks based on a drawing.

I got this from issue 40 April/May 2006 of Stitch.

Appliqued crystal organza with some FME.

This is Project 7 'A Piece of your Own' where you could do as much or as little of the piece you wanted. I ended up doing quite a lot but it's not finished. When I get it back from assessment I'm going to attach it to a canvas stretcher and then do more work on the top right.

This was a piece I'd done for the Painting and Printing exercise that I wanted to take further. I used it as a basis and did a large piece of fabric painting.

I backed it with a piece of cotton with wadding in between.
The grey 'mortar' is FME that took ages to do. I then did some more FME and hand embroidery to represent the moss/lichen on the stones.

Close up of FME and hand embroidery.

I've already posted some of my weaving and my last project so I think that's all for now.


Purple Missus said...

What an interesting read. You've done some really good work here.
Liked the bit about using boiled rice as starch.
What do you feel you have gained from this course?

Doreen G said...

What an amazing array of samples.
I think this would be a very interesting course and worthwhile doing.

Vicki said...

Wow - I love the samples you have done and to see how you developed the work throughout the course - well done!

kay susan said...

Thank you for this interesting and inspiring post!