07 March 2007

OCA comment

Lynda asked in her comment what I felt I had gained from doing the course. Well firstly I've found another outlet for my creativety. At the start of the course I had to write a short piece

Hopes, Plans and Expectations
I have the ideas bubbling round in my brain and often see something that gives me inspiration but I can’t seem to get them down on to paper so I’ve only used patterns out of books or magazines for the various embroidery and textile/craft techniques I can do. I hope to learn how to turn my ideas into workable designs.
After looking through the course material I think I will be trying some things I’ve never done before and begin to look for ideas in even the most mundane of items.
I hope I can let my creative talents loose in new directions.
I don’t understand or particularly like some contemporary/modern art, I prefer traditional art work, clothing etc but I want to do work for Textiles 1: A Creative Approach to Textiles that has a contemporary feel and not be thought of as ‘old fashioned’.
Well I've learnt you don't have to do a literal interpretation of your resource material, before I would have done an exact copy of, say the photo of Hydrangeas I used for my last project, but now I realise you can use the colours as inspiration or enlarge part of the photo and use it as an abstract piece.

I've really enjoyed the course but I still feel that I'm inclined to be a bit old fashioned, by that I mean in embroidery I do each stitch as I was taught - but I have started to be less so since doing TAST. I don't think I was as experimental enough in some of the work I did for the course so as I've mentioned before I think I would benefit from doing a C & G course.

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