27 March 2007

Now how did I know Lynda would like the buttonhole sample.

I've been meaning to answer Lynda's question
Your drawings are brilliant Susan. I do envy you this talent. have you always had this ability or is it true what they say that practise makes perfect?
I took O'level Art at school but was devastated when I failed the final exam despite being near the top of the class, so it put me off for quite a few years. I'd drawn and done some painting over the intervening years but not as much as I have in the past few year since I started the OCA courses. I believe you can learn to draw but I think it does help if you have some talent to start with. I've always been very artistic, I take after my Mum in that respect but my brother is more academic he work's in the insurance sector.

I've just looked at Lynda's blog from last November and her drawings of fairy's are very good so don't put yourself down, as you say the more you practice the better you get, you are advised to sketch most days even if it's only for 10 minutes. I did some drawings for the course that a few years ago I would never have even considered trying.

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