31 March 2007

City and Guilds

Well I've had a good look through my 1st Module of 'Level 3 Certificate 7922 Embroidery' to give it its full title and I'm going to enjoy this. I've started surfing the net to find pictures of my first research project 'Stars and Crosses', I've found quite a lot already. I'll go out one morning next week for a long walk round the neighbourhood to see if I see anything else that I can photograph. There's a few churches within walking distance that I can look at and as I said to mum I can always take a walk to the local cemetery, there's bound to be lots of 'crosses' there in one form or another. I'll also go to Liverpool's 2 Cathedrals one day, there's bound to be lots of inspiration there. But I'll try not to restrict myself to only the obvious places for 'Stars and Crosses'. I've already found a few in the house, the top of the taps in the bathroom and there's a start on the front of the stove I can copy. I found a website that has tutorials for 'Photoshop' and one of them shows how to draw stars, so I'm going to have a go with it.

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Purple Missus said...

If you didn't want to interpret your theme too literally you could also use stars as in horoscopes, or 'star crossed lovers' whatever that phrase means and what about our poor celebrity stars and the crosses they have to bear with the price of fame :))
Sorry, being a bit silly here, its 4 am on Sunday morning!!
Sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun with this course.