15 March 2007

Bleached threads

I'm running low on the cream crochet cotton I've been using. I got it cheap in Abakhans last year and only bought 1 of each. I suddenly thought would the colour come out of the pink if I put it in bleach like I did with the hessian, so I tried it and it does.

The first piece in the phot is the original colour, the second is after it's been in bleach for a few hours and the last has been in overnight.

I gave them a good wash in soap water to get rid of the bleach. Then it took an hour to untangle the mess they'd got in to.


Purple Missus said...

I'm sure I read somewhere that white vinegar neutralises the bleach. Will have to look that up for you.

Margaret S said...

yes I agree with Purple Missus you should soak it in vinegar to stop the deterioration process otherwise your thread could eventually rot and affect whatever is next to it.