26 February 2007

T.A.S.T. Fly Stitch

I've just finished this weeks TAST Fly stitch. Another stitch I wasn't too keen on. Perhaps once I start doing the City and Guilds course I want to do I will get better and become more experimental.

This first sample was done on a piece of cotton fabric I dyed with silk paints. It came out lighter than I wanted. I only used a small piece of it so I can experiment putting some more silk paints on to darken it. I used stranded cotton threads again this week.

This 2nd sample was done on linen with my usual axminster thread and crochet cotton. I am really going to have to buy some more threads to use, it is starting to get monotonous.


NormaH said...

What are axminster threads? I use a variety of threads and some crochet threads that I have dyed but I'm not familiar with these.

Dy said...

I like your samples, tone on tone is always lovely and your painted background is fabulous!