02 February 2007

T.A.S.T. Cretan Stitch

Here are my samples of Cretan Stitch. I had this piece left over from my OCA painting and printing project. It's a sponge dipped in fabric paint on to jute.

Then I used stranded cotton threads randomly all over.

I got this from an article by Ruth Issett in an old issue of 'Stitch' .

I've used muslin, calico and linen and randomly stitched with axminster wool, crochet cotten and some cream thread I'm not sure what it is though. Ruth painted hers but I'll have to do mine when I've learnt how to use Procion dyes. When I have I'll post a photo.


Misa said...

The darker one leaves such a strong impression, while the light one has a much more subtle effect. They're both very nice, though.

lisette said...

wonderful textures :)