26 February 2007

Spilt paint fabric

Remember I said I'd spilt half a bottle of silk paints, well this is the fabric I did with the spill.

I used a 2nd piece of cotton fabric to mop up some of the left overs, it's a bit mottled in places where there wasn't a lot of paint.


NormaH said...

I love your "spilt paint" fabric. I've just started dyeing some fabrics, etc. so don't know too much about it yet.

Purple Missus said...

Wow Susan, You do so many posts in one hit I can't keep up. Your stitch samples are looking good. I don't think you need to use different threads. I should think that all the samples in the same thread and fabric would look pretty good together at the end. Love the book cover, looks like old leather. And the spilt paint fabric - bet you couldn't get it to look like that again if you tried :))