15 February 2007


I'm online at last. It used to be Telewest but they've just changed their name to Virgin media . The came to install it yesterday lunctime and only took 1 hour to do it . They had to put the cable in through my Mum's bedroom wall run it along the landing to my studio and I've had to do some shifting around so I can plug the modem in to the mains. There are only 3 plugs in the room so when I put my computer on and I can't use anything else, that inlcudes the fan heater I have to heat the room, (we don't have central heating so it's the only source of heating). I really thought that I would be surfing all day but I was online for a couple of hours last night and this is the first time today. I sat at the computer keyboard and my mind went blank, all the anticipation of being online at long last and I couldn't think what I wanted to look up.

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kay susan said...

Well, TAST of course!