28 February 2007

FINISHED at last!!!

At last I've finished my last project. At one point I thought I was never going to get it done. I must admit I was getting fed up with it. The first idea I had didn't work so I had to rethink what to do, but I got there in the end.

This is the piece of silk paper I made based on a tissue paper collage. It was about 12 x 16 inch in size. My first thought was to do a wall hanging but the paper came out a lot darker than I wanted. So then I thought I would colour a piece of silk with silk paints and embroider it but that didn't work but then when I was looking through a book on silk paper I had a 'eureka' moment. I did a few quick sketches and decided to do some lattice work.

I started to stitch strips across the piece of silk paper which took ages to do.

Then I had to cut the piece up in to strips, another hour or three.

Next I coloured a piece of silk to attach the lattice weave to. I also did a similar piece for the lining.

Then it took another hour or two to weave the silk paper strips together. I used some bondaweb to lightly attach it to the silk fabric.

And this is my finished project - I'm not sure what you could use it for, it's very light weight so perhaps for keeping stockings/tights in.

This is the front

the back

a close up of the button I covered with silk paper

and finally the lining of the bag.

Overall I'm pleased with the finished bag, it's turned out a lot better than I thought it would after all the ups and downs of this last project. All I've got to do now is some last minute written work and I can send it of to my tutor for marking. Next I've got to go through all that I've done and choose which pieces to send for assessment. That will take quite a few hours so I'll set aside one weekend to do it. It doesn't have to be in until June now because I've missed the date for sending it for March's assessment, but never mind I can take my time and mount things properly so it will look its best.


Purple Missus said...

WoW, this turned out O.K. in the end didn't it. Do you like it better than your original idea?

MargaretR said...

I think that's lovely Susan. I'm into grids just now and i might have a go at something in that line if you don't mind me using your idea?