26 January 2007

T.A.S.T – Detached Chain Stitch

I’m a bit late posting this sample. I’m inclined to be a slow stitcher so it took me longer than I thought.

I wanted to explore ‘Texture’ this week so I used 2 different thicknesses of thread on Jute – one is Axminster wool and the other is some crochet cotton I got cheap in Abakhan. I’m quite pleased with the result.

I tried to be more experimental with this sample. Axminster wool on Jute.

Then I gave it a coat of thinned down Acrylic Primer.

and then lightly painted a layer of Brown Umber acrylic. I’m new to Textile art so I’m not sure where to go with this one. I though maybe some gold or copper coloured acrylic lightly over parts or even some gold leaf. Any help gratefully received.

Can anyone recommend any books that I should get that would help me be more experimental with my work.


Purple Missus said...

These are good. Particularly like the top and bottom one - but then you must have known I'd go for the last one! I'd rub some treasure gold on to finish it, but then that's just me. Have emailed you re books & stuff Susan.

Helen in the UK said...

Love what you've done with this piece. I can't help with sources as I'm very new to experimenting myself. Thanks for sharing :)

neki desu said...

this is really interesting!

neki desu