26 January 2007


I got a couple of great bargains on Monday in ‘The Works’. 2 sets of DVD’s for £10 a set.

These are a set of Arts & Crafts DVD’s and include:

Silk Ribbon Embroidery with Ann Cox
How to paint on Silk with Lynda Howarth and Moira Neal
How to paint on fabric with Pebeo Setacolour
Creative Marbling There are a few I’m not really fussy on but I wanted the first 3 on the list.

And these are Art DVD’s – They are made by Teaching Art but licencsed to another maker so I looked up the price of them in the SAA catalogue. They would have cost £115 as a member and £230 if you wheren’t. I know a couple are for beginners but sometimes you learn something new and at that price I couldn’t really leave them on the shelf now could I!!!

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Purple Missus said...

Thats not fair! I wasn't going out tomorrow (Saturday) - now I'll have to. It's the art ones in the bottom picture I'm interested in and at only £10 they really are a bargain.