19 January 2007

Bad weather

The bad winds seem to have died down a bit here. I've don't ever remember experiencing winds like we had yesterday, they seem to affected the whole country. I wouldn't have gone out yesterday but Mum had a hospital appointment in the afternoon. Usually we have a long wait but we where home again within the hour. We got a taxi to get to the hospital, and I went round to get in the other side when I looked back Mum was on the floor, the wind had swing the door open and knocked her of her feet. She's bruised her bottom and it shook her up but it could have been so much worse. Her thick coat must have cushioned her as she fell. Her bones must be pretty tough still at nearly 81.

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Sarah E. in Texas said...

The horrible winds that y'all are having were on our news last night (I live in Texas, USA). The scenes were horrific...I cannot imagine something like Texas weather happening in a place that just does not have 'weather situations' like that! How fortunate that your mum only had a bruised bottom!