24 November 2006


I bought a few chillies going cheap in the supermarket so had a go at drawing and painting them on Wednesday/Thursday.

This one is done in oil pastel in my sketchbook.

and this one I did yesterday in acrylic, only took just over 1 hour to do.

More Weaving

Here's the last of my weaving samples.

The one below is based on one of Gaudi's chimney pots in barcelona - my Tutor said " technically good – it is hard to achieve those diagonal lines and you have kept a good tension;"

And this one is based on a storyboard with photos of autumnal scenes "sample 2 is effective in its blending of colours and raised surface texture.

I really enjoyed weaving, I found it very soothing and look forward to doing more when I've got the time.

Tutor Report

Got my work back for my 4th assignment in Textiles. Only 1 more to go and I can send it in for assessment in March '07. Here's a few of the comments she made:-

"You demonstrate an inventive use of materials, such as dishcloths, balsa wood etc"
"The smaller ‘blue/green’ sample is beautiful which has an almost jewel-like quality – the combination of yarns is very effective. The ‘telephone lead’ sample is fun and zany and the day-glo colours enhance this inventive choice of warp and weft. Susan, you have a real sensitivity towards soft, fluffy, highly textured yarns and this is apparent in your ‘purple’ sample with its raised centre panel. "

17 November 2006


Here's some of the work I've done in my sketchbook for the Open College of Arts Drawing 1.

This is a quick study of the top of the curtains in my studio done in drawing pen.

A pair of scissors done in pencil.

A pineapple done with watersoluble pen.

Munchkin pumkins in drawing pen.

A green pepper and aubergine in pencil.

Ink bottle in drawing pen.

A manequin in conte pastel.

And today's apple is.....

In watercolour

14 November 2006


This apple is done in acrylic paints.

10 November 2006

Another apple ......

And today's apple is in soft pastels.

John Moores 24

I had to go in to town yesterday to look for new shoes, but as usual I couldn't find any I liked. They where either too flat or had heels which I can't cope with so looks I'll have to make another trip soon. Anyway I had some spare time so went to the John Moores 24 exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery. For anyone that doesn't know it, it's an exhibition of Contemporary art set up by the founder of Littlewoods Pools here in Liverpool and runs every 2 years heres a link to some info on it http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/walker/johnmoores/24/.

I'm not really in to contemporary art but I liked a few of the pieces in the exhibition. Though in my humble opinion some of the quality of the paintings left a lot to be desired, by that I mean how the paint was applied to the surface not the subjects.
Here's a few of the paintings I did like

When I first saw this one above I thought it was a photograph but when I looked closed I realised it is an oil painting.

I understood this one above straight away but the description at the side said some people didn't when they first saw it. What do you see?

07 November 2006

Winsor & Newton Artisan Oils

I have a small studio, okay I admit it, it's what used to be my brothers bedroom but it sounds posher if I say my studio. There isn't room for a bed now anyway! As I was saying it's a very small room and I wanted to try oil painting but was concerned about any fumes in such a confined space so I tried W & N water mixable oils - I LOVE working with oils - here are a few of my first efforts from last year.

My first try with them - Rudbekia painted from a seed catalogue and below Parrot Tulips from a book on painting flowers.

I set up a still life with these oranges and lemons and I took so long over it the fruit was starting to go mouldy.

I did this a few months ago to try out me new coloured pencils.

Monkey Business

I need to get quicker at drawing I take far too long so I had a go at a charcoal drawing of a monkey taken from the Daler-Rowney 2005 catalogue, this is my version and only took 2o minutes.

An Apple a Day .....

I'll post a picture of some small studies of apples I've done for practice, here's the first one done in Oil Pastels.