31 October 2006

Earlier Works

Here is some of my earlier art work before I started the Open College of Arts courses

This is a made up study in pen and ink and watercolour.

This is one of my first painting when I started with acrylics from the book (Bathing Nudes by Jose M Parramon)

A male nude from the same book

My sister-in-law Ruth liked the female nude so much she wanted one for her dining room, but I don’t think somehow a nude looking down on them while eating would have been appropriate so I used the same pose but put a dress on the model and called it ‘Dressing for Dinner’. Ruth says she has it pride of place on her dining room wall.

Self Portrait

I’ve finally done a self portrait, it’s not a bad drawing but it looks nothing like me. I suppose with lots of practice I’ll manage to eventually get a likeness. My next challenge is to do one in coloured inks. I was listening to an interesting programme last week on Radio 4 about Rembrandt’s self portraits about how when we do a self portrait looking in a mirror it’s not as others see us but obviously a mirror image of ourselves, so really we should look at any self portrait we do in another mirror to really see ourselves as others do. So when I’d downloaded the photo I’d taken of my 1st self portrait and opened it in Photoshop I flipped it over and I must admit it does look a little bit more like me than I thought.

This is how it is in my sketchbook

and this is how it looks when I reversed it.

Halloween Pumkin

This is a study of a munchkin pumkin I did in oil pastels.

It was a bit more orange than this but I think it works well.

17 October 2006


I've just realised I've had a few comments added to some of my posts. Thanks everyone for looking at my blog. It 's encouraging to realise there is someone out there reading my ramblings, however infrequent I may post.

Shaz - I learnt how to use Photoshop on a Digital Imaging course I took a few years ago at my local Adult Education centre, unfortunately it's closed now but I was able to do quite a few computer courses over the years. It's amazing what can be done with Photoshop and I keep learning something new all the time, I've only scratched the surface of what it can do.

06 October 2006

1st Portrait

I've just had a go at a portrait, I copied it from a book but it's not bad.

I think this could be used as the basis for an oil or acrylic portrait.

I don't know what I've done wrong but he seems to have a sneer, I think it's the mouth.