22 August 2006


I've just had to delete all I written. 'There was a gang of girls on the next computer annoying me so I got mixed up aaagh!

The next project in OCA Textiles 1 is Tapestry weaving so I was made up when I got some knitting kits at 1/2 the RRP in Home Bargains last week.

This scarf kit for £1.99.

This cushion kit for £2.99.

and this bag kit for £2.99.
I'd looked for fancy wools last time I was in Abakhan, I've not knitted for ages so I'm not up to date with the latest yarns but a 50g ball of is it called 'eyelash' wool was over £3 so you can see I got a real bargain.
I'm coming to the end of my hour on the computer so I'll have to go for now.

18 August 2006


You where right Shaz, it was easy to set up my own Blog, all of 5 minutes. Now where should I start? I'm a full time carer for my 80 year old Mum (she won't mind me telling the whole world how old she is), she's not been in the best of health since January so it's difficult to get to classes so I'm currently taking a correspondence course with the Open College of Arts in Drawing in Colour and Textiles 1.

I have to use the Internet in my local library so may not be able to post as often as I'd like, probably twice a week.