05 December 2006

My Studio

I've told you that my studio was my brother's bedroom before he left home and I took it over. I've seen photos of other bloggers work space and glad to see theirs can be as untidy as mine so thought you may like to see mine. It's not very big 9ft by 12 ft and even though I finally got some shelving back in February I'm slowly running out of space and gradually moving out on to the landing. I really meant to put stickers on boxed but never got round to it but I have a rough idea of where everything is.

This is my small library of books and magazines. The internet is great for all the info you can surf through but there is nothing quite like looking through a book. I always knew they would come in useful, one I've had for about 15 years is now out of print but it was recommended on my Textile course.

This is one end of the room. When I'd finished putting the shelf you can see together I pulled it into my studio and guess what I backed myself into the corner with it, I finally managed to get out but I thought I was stuck for good.

And this is the other end. It could do with a good clean up I know.

This is my desk

this is my computer or it was until Blogger stopped uploading my images and I've come to the end of my hour here in the library but with luck I'll be able to get on again.

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Purple Missus said...

Hi Susan
Unable to get back to you - cannot find an email addy. Please get in touch. By the way, your drawings are amazing!