10 November 2006

John Moores 24

I had to go in to town yesterday to look for new shoes, but as usual I couldn't find any I liked. They where either too flat or had heels which I can't cope with so looks I'll have to make another trip soon. Anyway I had some spare time so went to the John Moores 24 exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery. For anyone that doesn't know it, it's an exhibition of Contemporary art set up by the founder of Littlewoods Pools here in Liverpool and runs every 2 years heres a link to some info on it http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/walker/johnmoores/24/.

I'm not really in to contemporary art but I liked a few of the pieces in the exhibition. Though in my humble opinion some of the quality of the paintings left a lot to be desired, by that I mean how the paint was applied to the surface not the subjects.
Here's a few of the paintings I did like

When I first saw this one above I thought it was a photograph but when I looked closed I realised it is an oil painting.

I understood this one above straight away but the description at the side said some people didn't when they first saw it. What do you see?