31 October 2006

Self Portrait

I’ve finally done a self portrait, it’s not a bad drawing but it looks nothing like me. I suppose with lots of practice I’ll manage to eventually get a likeness. My next challenge is to do one in coloured inks. I was listening to an interesting programme last week on Radio 4 about Rembrandt’s self portraits about how when we do a self portrait looking in a mirror it’s not as others see us but obviously a mirror image of ourselves, so really we should look at any self portrait we do in another mirror to really see ourselves as others do. So when I’d downloaded the photo I’d taken of my 1st self portrait and opened it in Photoshop I flipped it over and I must admit it does look a little bit more like me than I thought.

This is how it is in my sketchbook

and this is how it looks when I reversed it.

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