05 September 2006


The things I ordered came from Texere Yarns just before 11am on Saturday morning. He gave us a chance to answer the door as well. I'm sure some post/delivery men think we stand behind the front door just on the off chance something is going to be delivered.

I only got a couple of the Axminster Rug wool and Connemara Linen to try. I can always send for more. I also got a few colours in the Dyed wool tops. I want to try making more felt, but I'd only bought white to have an expermient with. It was no use buying too much if I didn't like it but I do.

I found an easy way to make felt on the internet:-

Felt making
Materials and Equipment
Merino tops
Olive oil soap (available from health food shops and some supermarkets)
Old towel I used some Lavender soap so it had a lovely scent to the finished felt.
Piece of bubble wrap approximately one and a half times the size of felt required.
Piece of nylon curtain net approximately 20 cm2
Plastic carrier bag
Bowl or jug
Boiling or very hot water
1. Place the bubble wrap smooth side up on the towel.
2. Lay out three layers of merino fleece at right angles to each other.
3. Make image with scraps of wool, fibres and threads.
4. Lay very fine wisp over all.
5. Lay net on fibres. Fill a jug or bowl with very hot water. Using screwed up plastic bag as reservoir, thoroughly wet wool through the net. Gently rub soap across net and gently massage with circular hand movement.
6. Lift net gently and massage fleece inwards with palm of hands to compact and start felting process.
7. Turn felt and repeat steps 5 and 6.
8. With front of felt still face down on smooth side of bubble wrap, roll up and roll up to 100 times in each direction.
9. Turn over and repeat rolling.
10. Turn bubble wrap bubble side up, re-wet and soap felt and scrub against bubble surface. Rotate and repeat in each direction. Turn over and repeat scrubbing motion.
11. Rinse, dry and press.

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