05 September 2006

OCA Textiles

I've remembered the photo's I wanted to post last time, so here goes ....

This is my first attempt at silk painting for the chapter on Printing and Painting. I didn't enjoy it as much as some of the other things so I don't think I'll include this project when I send my work to be assessed. It's something I'll experiment with further when I have the time.

This is my second attempt. I used gutta to mark circles on the silk, but I mustn't have done it properly. I mustn't have put enough gutta on because the paint ran in to it and didn't leave a white line around the bubbles as I wanted but still it's a nice effect.

This is the large sample of printing I had to do. I made a block from 'funky foam' stuck it on to some polystyrene and printed it on to blue cotton with blue fabric paint.

his is from the Project on Manipulating fabrics. I'd randomly painted silk for the previous project but hadn't used it. I treated myself to a copy of 'Textile Art' so used the silk when I wanted to try 'bubbling'. I think it's very effective ...

More manipulating fabrics, furrowing from 'The Art of Manipulating Fabric' by Colette Wolff. I used some crystal organza I got from Abakhan's, it only cost 99p a metre. Depending in what light you look at it, it appears more blue than green.

Silk paper samples, throwsters waste and Angelina bonded on to muslin.

Confetti - snippets of coloured crystal organza bonded to cotton with white organza free machine embroidered on top.

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