08 September 2006

OCA Drawing in Colour

I've had to delay sending my 1st assignment to my tutor because I've had to go with my Mum to Doctors and hospital appointment. I've just called in for an hour before I take her to the Doctors at 11.30am. That heatwave also sapped what energy I did have so I'm way behind with my work. Here's a few of the projects I've done so far.

For this project I had to draw a view through a window but just in black and white to get the correct tones.

and for this project I had to draw the same view in colour. I must admit I used some artistic licence and left out a lot of things that where cluttering the floor, but I think it works. I've managed to ge the perspective this time as well. I was flipping through one of my drawing books 'Sketching - Planning and Drawing' by Valerie Wiffen, not sure if it's still in print I got it free when I sen for some books from Search Press a few years ago. To get back to what I was going to say, there was a tip that came in ver handy when I came to do this Project 'Interior views are easy to handle if viewed simply as a box form, drawn from inside. Remember that the elements overhead, the ceiling etc appear to slope downwards as they recede. The floor below appears to slope upwards, while the verticals remain constant. It clicked in to place once I read that.

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