29 September 2006

Stanley Park

I took these photos in my local park last September when I went to get some resource material for my Textile work. I hadn't been for ages, it's become a bit run down over the past few years but now that Liverpool FC have been given the go ahead for their new stadium it will have a make over under a multi-million pound regeneration scheme for the local area. There are people for and against the scheme but I think I come down on the side for it. The local area badly needs regenerating.

I can rembere this floral clock from when I was a kid in the 70's, back then though it was a real clock not just the flowers as it is now. I think we have an old black and white photo of it from the late 50's early 60's I'll root it out and post it soon.

More Weaving

I've done a bit more weaving for my 2nd sample, but I can't do any more until my order comes from Texere I've run out of the cotton for the warp.

26 September 2006


At last I've finished my 1st Drawing in Colour assignment and I can post it this afternoon.


This is my last Project looking through a doorway. I must admit it looks a lot better in the photo but it's not turned out too bad! I think the door could be a bit smaller and the computer desk a bit bigger but I didn't want to put back sending it otherwise I would have done it again.

22 September 2006

Drawing in colour

I checked my diary the other day and yeek! I've got to send my 1st drawing in colour assignment next week so I've had to be strict with myself and get down to some work. I finished this on Wednesday so only one more to go.

12 September 2006

More Weaving

 Managed to finish my first weaving sample on Saturday.

his is my second sample. I bought a telephone extension lead for £1 in Poundland and used it for the warp and the weft is plastic string also bought for £1, it has turned out better than I thought. It started to get rather hard on the fingers but I perservered. The light glows through it when held up so I think it could be used as part of a piece of art in the garden.

Close up of plastic weaving.


I've had Photoshop for about 3 years now and I;m still learniang what it can do. I've just found out how to use the liquify filter.

I took these photos of Hydrangea in my local park a few weeks ago so decided to try the liquify filter on them.

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08 September 2006

OCA Drawing in Colour

I've had to delay sending my 1st assignment to my tutor because I've had to go with my Mum to Doctors and hospital appointment. I've just called in for an hour before I take her to the Doctors at 11.30am. That heatwave also sapped what energy I did have so I'm way behind with my work. Here's a few of the projects I've done so far.

For this project I had to draw a view through a window but just in black and white to get the correct tones.

and for this project I had to draw the same view in colour. I must admit I used some artistic licence and left out a lot of things that where cluttering the floor, but I think it works. I've managed to ge the perspective this time as well. I was flipping through one of my drawing books 'Sketching - Planning and Drawing' by Valerie Wiffen, not sure if it's still in print I got it free when I sen for some books from Search Press a few years ago. To get back to what I was going to say, there was a tip that came in ver handy when I came to do this Project 'Interior views are easy to handle if viewed simply as a box form, drawn from inside. Remember that the elements overhead, the ceiling etc appear to slope downwards as they recede. The floor below appears to slope upwards, while the verticals remain constant. It clicked in to place once I read that.

05 September 2006

OCA Textiles

I've remembered the photo's I wanted to post last time, so here goes ....

This is my first attempt at silk painting for the chapter on Printing and Painting. I didn't enjoy it as much as some of the other things so I don't think I'll include this project when I send my work to be assessed. It's something I'll experiment with further when I have the time.

This is my second attempt. I used gutta to mark circles on the silk, but I mustn't have done it properly. I mustn't have put enough gutta on because the paint ran in to it and didn't leave a white line around the bubbles as I wanted but still it's a nice effect.

This is the large sample of printing I had to do. I made a block from 'funky foam' stuck it on to some polystyrene and printed it on to blue cotton with blue fabric paint.

his is from the Project on Manipulating fabrics. I'd randomly painted silk for the previous project but hadn't used it. I treated myself to a copy of 'Textile Art' so used the silk when I wanted to try 'bubbling'. I think it's very effective ...

More manipulating fabrics, furrowing from 'The Art of Manipulating Fabric' by Colette Wolff. I used some crystal organza I got from Abakhan's, it only cost 99p a metre. Depending in what light you look at it, it appears more blue than green.

Silk paper samples, throwsters waste and Angelina bonded on to muslin.

Confetti - snippets of coloured crystal organza bonded to cotton with white organza free machine embroidered on top.


I recently discovered 'Stitch' from the Embroiderers guild so I sent for a few back copies. In issue 33 Feb/March 2005 there's an article on 'Paperwork' so I had an experiment. Mine is slightly different but I think it works. I'll use it to cover my sketchbook for Textiles 1. It will make it more personal than the unexciting black cover at the moment. I'll post more pics when I've done it.


The things I ordered came from Texere Yarns just before 11am on Saturday morning. He gave us a chance to answer the door as well. I'm sure some post/delivery men think we stand behind the front door just on the off chance something is going to be delivered.

I only got a couple of the Axminster Rug wool and Connemara Linen to try. I can always send for more. I also got a few colours in the Dyed wool tops. I want to try making more felt, but I'd only bought white to have an expermient with. It was no use buying too much if I didn't like it but I do.

I found an easy way to make felt on the internet:-

Felt making
Materials and Equipment
Merino tops
Olive oil soap (available from health food shops and some supermarkets)
Old towel I used some Lavender soap so it had a lovely scent to the finished felt.
Piece of bubble wrap approximately one and a half times the size of felt required.
Piece of nylon curtain net approximately 20 cm2
Plastic carrier bag
Bowl or jug
Boiling or very hot water
1. Place the bubble wrap smooth side up on the towel.
2. Lay out three layers of merino fleece at right angles to each other.
3. Make image with scraps of wool, fibres and threads.
4. Lay very fine wisp over all.
5. Lay net on fibres. Fill a jug or bowl with very hot water. Using screwed up plastic bag as reservoir, thoroughly wet wool through the net. Gently rub soap across net and gently massage with circular hand movement.
6. Lift net gently and massage fleece inwards with palm of hands to compact and start felting process.
7. Turn felt and repeat steps 5 and 6.
8. With front of felt still face down on smooth side of bubble wrap, roll up and roll up to 100 times in each direction.
9. Turn over and repeat rolling.
10. Turn bubble wrap bubble side up, re-wet and soap felt and scrub against bubble surface. Rotate and repeat in each direction. Turn over and repeat scrubbing motion.
11. Rinse, dry and press.

01 September 2006


Here's some of my first attempts at weaving for the course.

I didn't have a proper tapestry frame so I used this canvas stretcher, but it seemed to work.

I must have done the tension too tight as I warped up because it got harder and harder to take the weft through, hope I've got the terms the right way round.

Close up of weaving.

I didn't have the correct yarn for the warp so I had to use some crochet cotton I'd got cheap in Abakhan but it seemed to work. I'm waiting for some to come from Texere yarns so I'll be able to do it properly then. I sent last Friday but with the bank holiday it may take a bit longer to come.