22 August 2006


I've just had to delete all I written. 'There was a gang of girls on the next computer annoying me so I got mixed up aaagh!

The next project in OCA Textiles 1 is Tapestry weaving so I was made up when I got some knitting kits at 1/2 the RRP in Home Bargains last week.

This scarf kit for £1.99.

This cushion kit for £2.99.

and this bag kit for £2.99.
I'd looked for fancy wools last time I was in Abakhan, I've not knitted for ages so I'm not up to date with the latest yarns but a 50g ball of is it called 'eyelash' wool was over £3 so you can see I got a real bargain.
I'm coming to the end of my hour on the computer so I'll have to go for now.

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