08 December 2006

City & Guilds

I would like to have done a City & Guilds course but unfortunately there was nowhere in Liverpool that I could do embroidery or quilting. I'm thinking of doing one by correspondence course when I've finished my OCA Textiles courses. I've seen a few blogs of people who are doing it this way and they seem to be enjoying it.

05 December 2006

My Studio

I've told you that my studio was my brother's bedroom before he left home and I took it over. I've seen photos of other bloggers work space and glad to see theirs can be as untidy as mine so thought you may like to see mine. It's not very big 9ft by 12 ft and even though I finally got some shelving back in February I'm slowly running out of space and gradually moving out on to the landing. I really meant to put stickers on boxed but never got round to it but I have a rough idea of where everything is.

This is my small library of books and magazines. The internet is great for all the info you can surf through but there is nothing quite like looking through a book. I always knew they would come in useful, one I've had for about 15 years is now out of print but it was recommended on my Textile course.

This is one end of the room. When I'd finished putting the shelf you can see together I pulled it into my studio and guess what I backed myself into the corner with it, I finally managed to get out but I thought I was stuck for good.

And this is the other end. It could do with a good clean up I know.

This is my desk

this is my computer or it was until Blogger stopped uploading my images and I've come to the end of my hour here in the library but with luck I'll be able to get on again.

01 December 2006

This is my first try at drawing a glass and if I do say so myself it's not a bad attempt, it was from another lesson in the Daler-Rowney catalogue.

24 November 2006


I bought a few chillies going cheap in the supermarket so had a go at drawing and painting them on Wednesday/Thursday.

This one is done in oil pastel in my sketchbook.

and this one I did yesterday in acrylic, only took just over 1 hour to do.

More Weaving

Here's the last of my weaving samples.

The one below is based on one of Gaudi's chimney pots in barcelona - my Tutor said " technically good – it is hard to achieve those diagonal lines and you have kept a good tension;"

And this one is based on a storyboard with photos of autumnal scenes "sample 2 is effective in its blending of colours and raised surface texture.

I really enjoyed weaving, I found it very soothing and look forward to doing more when I've got the time.

Tutor Report

Got my work back for my 4th assignment in Textiles. Only 1 more to go and I can send it in for assessment in March '07. Here's a few of the comments she made:-

"You demonstrate an inventive use of materials, such as dishcloths, balsa wood etc"
"The smaller ‘blue/green’ sample is beautiful which has an almost jewel-like quality – the combination of yarns is very effective. The ‘telephone lead’ sample is fun and zany and the day-glo colours enhance this inventive choice of warp and weft. Susan, you have a real sensitivity towards soft, fluffy, highly textured yarns and this is apparent in your ‘purple’ sample with its raised centre panel. "

17 November 2006


Here's some of the work I've done in my sketchbook for the Open College of Arts Drawing 1.

This is a quick study of the top of the curtains in my studio done in drawing pen.

A pair of scissors done in pencil.

A pineapple done with watersoluble pen.

Munchkin pumkins in drawing pen.

A green pepper and aubergine in pencil.

Ink bottle in drawing pen.

A manequin in conte pastel.

And today's apple is.....

In watercolour

14 November 2006


This apple is done in acrylic paints.

10 November 2006

Another apple ......

And today's apple is in soft pastels.

John Moores 24

I had to go in to town yesterday to look for new shoes, but as usual I couldn't find any I liked. They where either too flat or had heels which I can't cope with so looks I'll have to make another trip soon. Anyway I had some spare time so went to the John Moores 24 exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery. For anyone that doesn't know it, it's an exhibition of Contemporary art set up by the founder of Littlewoods Pools here in Liverpool and runs every 2 years heres a link to some info on it http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/walker/johnmoores/24/.

I'm not really in to contemporary art but I liked a few of the pieces in the exhibition. Though in my humble opinion some of the quality of the paintings left a lot to be desired, by that I mean how the paint was applied to the surface not the subjects.
Here's a few of the paintings I did like

When I first saw this one above I thought it was a photograph but when I looked closed I realised it is an oil painting.

I understood this one above straight away but the description at the side said some people didn't when they first saw it. What do you see?

07 November 2006

Winsor & Newton Artisan Oils

I have a small studio, okay I admit it, it's what used to be my brothers bedroom but it sounds posher if I say my studio. There isn't room for a bed now anyway! As I was saying it's a very small room and I wanted to try oil painting but was concerned about any fumes in such a confined space so I tried W & N water mixable oils - I LOVE working with oils - here are a few of my first efforts from last year.

My first try with them - Rudbekia painted from a seed catalogue and below Parrot Tulips from a book on painting flowers.

I set up a still life with these oranges and lemons and I took so long over it the fruit was starting to go mouldy.

I did this a few months ago to try out me new coloured pencils.

Monkey Business

I need to get quicker at drawing I take far too long so I had a go at a charcoal drawing of a monkey taken from the Daler-Rowney 2005 catalogue, this is my version and only took 2o minutes.

An Apple a Day .....

I'll post a picture of some small studies of apples I've done for practice, here's the first one done in Oil Pastels.

31 October 2006

Earlier Works

Here is some of my earlier art work before I started the Open College of Arts courses

This is a made up study in pen and ink and watercolour.

This is one of my first painting when I started with acrylics from the book (Bathing Nudes by Jose M Parramon)

A male nude from the same book

My sister-in-law Ruth liked the female nude so much she wanted one for her dining room, but I don’t think somehow a nude looking down on them while eating would have been appropriate so I used the same pose but put a dress on the model and called it ‘Dressing for Dinner’. Ruth says she has it pride of place on her dining room wall.

Self Portrait

I’ve finally done a self portrait, it’s not a bad drawing but it looks nothing like me. I suppose with lots of practice I’ll manage to eventually get a likeness. My next challenge is to do one in coloured inks. I was listening to an interesting programme last week on Radio 4 about Rembrandt’s self portraits about how when we do a self portrait looking in a mirror it’s not as others see us but obviously a mirror image of ourselves, so really we should look at any self portrait we do in another mirror to really see ourselves as others do. So when I’d downloaded the photo I’d taken of my 1st self portrait and opened it in Photoshop I flipped it over and I must admit it does look a little bit more like me than I thought.

This is how it is in my sketchbook

and this is how it looks when I reversed it.

Halloween Pumkin

This is a study of a munchkin pumkin I did in oil pastels.

It was a bit more orange than this but I think it works well.

17 October 2006


I've just realised I've had a few comments added to some of my posts. Thanks everyone for looking at my blog. It 's encouraging to realise there is someone out there reading my ramblings, however infrequent I may post.

Shaz - I learnt how to use Photoshop on a Digital Imaging course I took a few years ago at my local Adult Education centre, unfortunately it's closed now but I was able to do quite a few computer courses over the years. It's amazing what can be done with Photoshop and I keep learning something new all the time, I've only scratched the surface of what it can do.

06 October 2006

1st Portrait

I've just had a go at a portrait, I copied it from a book but it's not bad.

I think this could be used as the basis for an oil or acrylic portrait.

I don't know what I've done wrong but he seems to have a sneer, I think it's the mouth.

29 September 2006

Stanley Park

I took these photos in my local park last September when I went to get some resource material for my Textile work. I hadn't been for ages, it's become a bit run down over the past few years but now that Liverpool FC have been given the go ahead for their new stadium it will have a make over under a multi-million pound regeneration scheme for the local area. There are people for and against the scheme but I think I come down on the side for it. The local area badly needs regenerating.

I can rembere this floral clock from when I was a kid in the 70's, back then though it was a real clock not just the flowers as it is now. I think we have an old black and white photo of it from the late 50's early 60's I'll root it out and post it soon.

More Weaving

I've done a bit more weaving for my 2nd sample, but I can't do any more until my order comes from Texere I've run out of the cotton for the warp.

26 September 2006


At last I've finished my 1st Drawing in Colour assignment and I can post it this afternoon.


This is my last Project looking through a doorway. I must admit it looks a lot better in the photo but it's not turned out too bad! I think the door could be a bit smaller and the computer desk a bit bigger but I didn't want to put back sending it otherwise I would have done it again.

22 September 2006

Drawing in colour

I checked my diary the other day and yeek! I've got to send my 1st drawing in colour assignment next week so I've had to be strict with myself and get down to some work. I finished this on Wednesday so only one more to go.

12 September 2006

More Weaving

 Managed to finish my first weaving sample on Saturday.

his is my second sample. I bought a telephone extension lead for £1 in Poundland and used it for the warp and the weft is plastic string also bought for £1, it has turned out better than I thought. It started to get rather hard on the fingers but I perservered. The light glows through it when held up so I think it could be used as part of a piece of art in the garden.

Close up of plastic weaving.